The Gloria Sirens

They designed the plague so women would be too exhausted for rage. Staying angry enough to act takes enormous reserves of both energy and desperation.

Those are the first two sentences of a flash fiction piece I was too tired to finish. Fatigue and pain steal my motivation, and writing about fatigue and pain steals my very breath. I want just occasional days when I wake up and my traitor body isnotthe first thing I think about.

Eighty percent of people with diagnosed autoimmune diseases are women.  And most sources don’t count fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome as autoimmune diseases. 

Daydreaming in my car, I played with the idea that these insidious, hard to diagnose diseases (the average time to diagnose an autoimmune disease is 4.5 years) were part of a deliberate sabotage orchestrated by a cabal of men with too much power. What if?

What if…

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